Four Easy Costumes to Wear to Dance

Fuzion is excited to celebrate Halloween with you this week! If you're still wondering

what to be, or maybe the costume you have is to complex to wear to dance, here are four simple costumes to wear to dance.

Black Cat

Put together your favorite black dance clothes, like a black leotard and tights, then add kitty ears! To dress it up more, draw a little kitty nose and whiskers on your dancer with face paint or black eyeliner.


If you're feeling more scary than sparkly, be a monster! Wear mismatched clothes, silly socks, and your best crazy hair-do. If you're feeling really creative, make a monster headband. Check out this DIY one.

Mini Mouse

I love some good mini mouse ears at Disneyland, but it's always exciting when there's another chance to wear them! Put on your ears and your favorite polka-dots to be Mini Mouse.


Grab your tiara, favorite princess dress or tutu, and add some glittery eye shadow to show up to dance like a princess.

We'll see you at dance this week and can't wait to see your costume!

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