Creative Movement at Home

We love playing creative movement and dance games at Fuzion with your littles. Here are a few ideas to use at home when you're not in class!

Animal Game

The animal game can be simple but engaging! First, find a list of animals to print out or show on your phone. For the basic version, show your child an animal and then move like that animal would. To add an element, try combining specific dance movement with each animal. For example;


How would a flamingo turn?

What about a fish?

- Jumps

How would a bunny jump?

What about a kangaroo?


How would an elephant leap?

What about a monkey?

Freeze Dance

This is a classic you can't go wrong with! Play music and every so often stop the music and everyone has to "freeze!" To make it more exciting, try these variations;

- After each "freeze" tell them to find something in the house. For example; something blue, something soft, etc. They can then dance with the item they found on the next round.

- During each dance session, give them a specific quality of movement. For example; slow, fast, high, low, etc.

- Take a turn dancing like different characters. For example, what would Elsa dance like during Into the Unknown? What would a lion dance like to The Lion King?

Emoji Emotions

Emoji Emotions is a great way to allow kids to connect with emotions in a very safe and abstracted way. First, draw, print or pull up different emojis on your phone – Happy, Thoughtful, Tired, Worried, Fearful, Crying, Rolling Eyes, etc. (Here's a list.) Hold up an emoji or tape them to the wall. Then have kids exbibit the movement quality of that emotion.

Try out a game at home and tag us to let us know how it went! Have a great harvest break and we'll see you at the studio next week!

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