Class Descriptions

*All classes listed below start the end of August and go through May.  Classes perform or compete at spring recital and showcases throughout the year with the exception of Creative Movement and KinderDance/Gym and Summer session classes. 



Jazz/Ballet classes will learn jazz & ballet technique and perform jazz and ballet dances.

  Jazz/Ballet Babes dance is for ages 3-5 and will be taught with a fun fairy tale theme and some basic          tumbling too!  Students receive one costume and meet 1 hr./week. 

  Jazz/Ballet Darlings is for K-1st grades. Students receive 2 costumes and meet 1 hr./week.

  Pearls is a jazz/ballet introduction to competition team for 2nd- 3rd graders.  They receive 2 costumes and  compete at 1 local competition and meet on Wednesdays from 4-5 p.m  

  Rubies is a jazz/ballet team for 4th-6th graders that compete at 2 competitions.  They receive 2                    costumes and meet for 2 hrs. on Wednesdays. 


  Dress Code: Jazz/Ballet, Pearls- Light pink leotard & ballet skirt and pink convertible

tights.  Fairy Tale & Babes classes wear ballet shoes only; Darlings & Pearls wear jazz and ballet.                  shoes. Jazz and ballet shoes must be ordered through our online dance store                                  Rubies-  Mulberry colored leotard, black ballet skirt, shorts, or leggings, ballet & half-sole shoes.  

Dance & Tumble classes are a combination of tumbling and dance. Students learn a variety of dance styles which may include jazz, ballet, lyrical or hip hop and perform one jazz dance with costume. 

  Dance & Tumble Minis is for ages 3-5. Students receive one costume and meet 1 hr./week.

  Dance & Tumble Starz is for K-1st graders. Students receive one costume and meet 1 hr./week.

  Jades is an introduction to competition team for 2nd- 3rd graders. They receive 2 costumes and         compete at 1 local competition.  They meet on Tuesdays from 5-7 p.m. where they participate in   gymnastics for 1 hr. and dance for 1 hr. They learn jazz and lyrical styles and perform 2 dances.  


  Dress CodeMinis & Starz- Any color unitard or leotard worn with short/leggings. Jazz shoes ordered in       studio. Jades- Light blue leotard ordered through our online dance store.  

Gemz Teams

   Sapphires-  is a team for 3rd-5th graders that competes at 3 competitions.  They receive 3 costumes and     learn jazz, hip hop, and lyrical styles. Dress Code: Turquoise leotard, black leggings or shorts, jazz/lyrical     and silver sequin hip hop shoes.

  Emeralds compete at 3 competitions and perform jazz, lyrical, & hip hop. Audition is required. Team meets  twice a week. For grades 5th-8th. Ballet technique included.

  Gemz compete at 3 competitions and perform various styles of dance such as jazz, lyrical, contemporary,   hip hop & show. Audition is required.  Team meets 3x/week. For grades 6th-12th.  Ballet tech. included.

Dress CodeGemz- Black shorts or leggings, leotard or snug fitting shirt.  Needed for performance:    Black tank leotard, nude leotard & black dance shorts, ballet shoes, lyrical shoes, hip hop shoes.


Velocity Clog Crew

  Beginning is for those who are K-3rd grade who are brand new to clogging. Performs at 1 showcase and 1  competition.

  Intermediate is for ages 9-13 and have completed at least 1 year in beginning clog. Performs at 1 showcase and 1 competition.

Non-Performing Classes

  Creative Movement & Jazz/Ballet I are non-performing dance classes that runs Aug-May but do not   perform on stage and do not require a costume.  Students explore movement & dance through gross motor   skill activities and by learning ballet & jazz basics.  They learn 2 dances and perform for parents 2x/year.

Dress Code- Any color leotard, shorts or leggings and ballet shoes. 


KinderDance & Gym is a 45-minuted combination dance & tumbling class for boys and girls ages 3-5.  It is non-performing class and runs in 12 or 8-week sessions in the summer, fall & winter. Dress Code- Anything comfortable and easy to move in!