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Frequently Asked Questions

No Question Is Too Small

How do I pay for Fuzion classes?

We use an automatic payment system called APS.  Customers make an initial manual payment online using their bank account information which also sets them up for autopay in the future.  Customers receive email statements each month and the account balance is automatically processed on the 5th of the month. 


What should my child wear for class?


Please see our DRESS CODE page. 

What are your term dates?


Regular season classes start the last part of August and run through May.  Dates vary from year to year depending on school calendars.  Payments are processed Sept. -May.  Summer sessions run 8 weeks through June and July. 

Should I stay at the studio during class?


You are not required to stay at the studio during your child's class.  However, young children that need assistance going to the bathroom or have trouble staying in class for the full time may need a parent to stay and assist them as needed. Occasionally, parents may be asked to stay for other reasons, but this is rare and is on an individual basis. 

Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


For non-competing classes, we will accept new students through January as long as the class is not full and we are able to get costumes.  Competition classes may add students through November with teacher approval. 


Can parents watch?


It depends which studio your student is in!  Our upstairs studio has 3 large windows looking in from the lobby and is great for spectators.  Our 2 studios downstairs are not visible from the lobby but do have windows looking in from the hall where parents may peek in occasionally. 


How do I drop a class?

To drop a class you must email Marcel at with at least 30 days notification.  Class drop date for non-competing classes is Feb. 1.  Drop date for any class that competes is Nov. 15. After these dates your account will continue to be charged the remainder of the season.  

What fees are there besides tuition?


There is a yearly $25/student registration fee due at the time of registration.  All students receive a T-shirt each year ($12) to wear to performances, competitions and special classes.  There is a small dancer performance fee for the showcases we attend ($5/showcase).  as well as competition fees for competing teams. There is a $25/family recital fee that covers the rent and costs associated with recital.  However, we do not charge admission for recital.  

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